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Вот некоторые основные инструменты, используемые для работы на данном устройстве. Вам, возможно, не понадобиться каждый инструмент для каждой процедуры.


If you are having difficulties with the Asus G73JH-RBBX05, refer to the troubleshooting page

Background and Identification

The Asus G73JH-RBBX05 was released by Asus in 2010 as part of the G73 gaming series. This model is identified by the Asus logo and barcode on the front of the device.

The Asus G73JH-RBBX05 has 6 GB of memory, an Intel Core i7 processor, and a 17.3 inch screen. This computer is designed specifically for gaming, the noise and heat generating components are placed in the back of the computer in order to optimize your experience. The Asus G73JH-RBBX05 comes with an AMD Radeon 5870 graphics card.

Additional Information

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