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iFixit Role

I joined iFixit in June 2021 as the Director of Traffic Growth. iFixit aspires to be the world’s primary source for repair information and I help ensure users can find our information on the internet. In my day-to-day, I provide data-driven SEO insights and recommendations to various teams, such as Community, EDU, Content and eCommerce. As a repair novice, I have the inherent ability to empathize with new users to iFixit and how we should communicate with users across the spectrum of repair expertise.


I received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. I studied abroad for a school year in Buenos Aires, Argentina and developed the ability to speak Spanish conversationally. A degree in Business and from a Liberal Arts school has minimal, if any direct application to SEO, digital marketing or repair. But the views were good and the loans were big. I played rugby in college and I’m still a proud ambassador to the game.


I’ve been doing SEO for 12 years. I pride himself in approaching SEO “the right way” - optimizing for users, not algorithms, and focusing on high quality, helpful content creation and intuitive website UX.

Other than an obsession with playing Zelda and Halo growing up, and some very minimal, recent remodel experience as a first time homeowner, I have minimal association with the world of Tech and Repair. I’m a newb but I’ve never been more proud of where I work, who I work with, and what impact my 40 hour/week contribution will have on society and our planet.

In terms of completed repairs I'm proud of, I have overdue plans to create a Dell Inspiron 13-5378 keyboard replacement guide and to replace my wife’s Pixel 3a screen and, while I’m at it, battery.

Bonus Round

My favorite piece of tech right now is my toddler’s Top Race take apart truck because when a screw falls out my son exclaims “Dada fix it!”

Where Else to Find Me

For curated SEO retweets and likes you can find me on Twitter. For more details on my mostly irrelevant-to-repair resume you can find me on LinkedIn.

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