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My name is Geoff (Top Gear anyone?), and I'm an iFixit technical writer. I'm currently a fourth year Computer Engineering student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, but I originally hail from Norco (AKA Horsetown U.S.A), a rural community in Southern California.

What do I do at iFixit?

I get to take apart the latest and greatest tech gizmos, as well as help run iFixit's EDU program. I've always been a huge computer nerd, so iFixit is the perfect fit for me. My first official teardown was the Project Tango Tablet, and I can't wait to see what newfangled devices I get to take apart in the coming years.

What do I do with my free time?

When I'm not busy bringing awesome DIY repair goodness to the internet, I love to work on my car, enjoy the outdoors, dabble in photography, and spend an inordinate amount of time playing video games.

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