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For resolving issues associated with the Dell Alienware 13, check out the troubleshooting page.

Background and Information

Dell Alienware 13 is a gaming laptop released in October 2014. The number 13 in the device name, represents the size of the gadget, 13 inches. It's identified as being thin, lightweight, and having a silver exterior color with a black alien emblem in the middle. Customization features allow the user to change the computer lid's exterior light settings to change the colors, pulse, and function with different commands. All Alienware models are somewhat similar in appearance, but this model stands out mostly for its compact and sleek design.

Alienware 13 was constructed as one of the company’s smallest, but most powerful laptops with a 1250 x 1440 panel. It's the first gaming laptop that Alienware has mastered lightning-fast transfer speeds, serious graphic performances, and impressively loud audio. The graphics amplification port allows the user to attach an optional graphics amplifier, which reaches beyond normal expectations from a gaming laptop and provides ultimate gaming experiences.

There are a few common issues that tend to appear for some Dell Alienware 13 laptops. Manufacturing defects happen to occur involving loose or wobbly display hinges that don't allow the screen to shut properly, and problems with the Alienware lighted logo at the bottom of the screen appearing to be melted. Other common issues can be associated with hard drives slowing down or stopping all together, and motherboards failing. For a compact inexpensive gaming laptop, the Dell Alienware 13 has excellent performance and capabilities including great graphics display, sound quality, and customization that allow the user to experience the ultimate gaming experience with superb mobility.

Additional Information

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