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Hello, world! I’m Arthur, one of the tech writers/teardown engineers at iFixit. I get the illustrious honor of taking devices apart, identifying/figuring out how things work, and showing others how to do it. It’s like being a tech journalist, but with much more in-depth hands-on action.

I was born in Shanghai, China. My family headed for San Francisco when I was five, and that's where I grew up most of my life.

I wanted to be an inventor! So, I pursued electrical engineering (I really should have chosen mechanical engineering, but that's another story!) I ran on the education hamster wheel for quite awhile, and graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a masters in electrical engineering with a focus on mechatronics and control systems. Along the way, I also found my life purpose and my best friend.

When my mind wanders, it tends to float towards how to fix/optimize things, whether if it’s troubleshooting a phone that won’t power up, or figuring out how to explain a complex re-assembly step elegantly. I enjoy a concise, well-written guide more than wine.

My interests ebb and flow, but currently these are the pick of the day:

  • Playing, explaining, and promoting modern board games.
  • Driving my Suzuki Samurai along forgotten trails.
  • Taking stuff apart (not necessarily to put back together)- because I'm curious

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